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2gen Initiatives

The two-generation approach (2Gen) is a framework that leverages the strengths, resources, and motivation of families and communities to create a pathway for economic mobility and prosperity. It focuses on supporting whole families by recognizing the importance of working with both children and parents/caregivers together. By using a holistic, family-centered lens, the approach aims to promote positive outcomes by considering various pathways and dimensions of families.

Community Action Partnership (CAP) has made significant strides in integrating 2Gen approaches into their work through various initiatives. Recognizing the interconnectedness of families’ needs, CAP has adopted a holistic approach that addresses both the parents’ and children’s well-being simultaneously.

For more information, contact Megan Heinly, Director of Economic Justice.

2Gen Initiatives


2Gether is a program that will provide single mothers the opportunity to gain training, certifications or education towards meeting their career goals while also working to strengthen the relationship between mother and child. Support will be provided for investing in quality child care and education for children and a focus on curriculum with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). What makes this opportunity unique is that we are not focusing on either/or child and parent, but 2Gether is initiating a Two-Generation approach for whole families together.

Parent Corps

A wealth of research shows that early childhood education — when grounded in close partnership with families and children’s social-emotional learning — can have profound positive impacts on children’s life trajectories, helping reduce inequities rooted in poverty. The Parent Corps program offers families the opportunity to get into the workforce with a sustainable wage and work the same hours and location as their child’s classroom. While they’re with CAP, we provide mentoring and opportunities for growth in Early Childhood Education.

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Thriving Futures

The ELECT program provides pregnant and parenting youth up to age 21 with the supports they need to complete their high school education and transition successfully into employment or continue in higher education

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First 10

First 10 is a collaboration of community organizations, early childhood providers, and school districts. We provide learning opportunities and resources for kids across Lancaster County, from birth to age 10. We specialize in programs for 0-5 year olds to get them prepared for their school years ahead!


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