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2Gether – We are Building Our Future

2Gether We are Building Our Future

Juntos construimos nuestro futuro
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2Gether is a program that will provide single mothers the opportunity to gain training, certifications or education towards meeting their career goals while also working to strengthen the relationship between mother and child. Support will be provided for investing in quality child care and education for children and a focus on curriculum with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). What makes this opportunity unique is that we are not focusing on either/or child and parent, but 2Gether is initiating a Two-Generation approach for whole families together.

What is Two-Gen?

A Two-Generation program believes that people of all ages and life stages have the potential to grow, learn, and change. It ensures that the whole family is able to build a strong future for themselves at the same time, through a program that includes both mothers and their children and values and supports the goals of mother and child equally. In this way, the whole family is able to reach educational and career goals, build stronger social connections, and strengthen the wellbeing of their family for the current generations and generations to come!

Who can apply?

Here are the criteria we are looking for as an ideal candidate:

  • A single mother with either one or 2 children within Lancaster County
  • Looking to go into professional schooling or training over a 2 year time period
  • Willing to commit to becoming more involved and engaged in your child’s education
  • Willing to commit to a 2-year long program

Income is at or below the following amounts:

What we will provide:

  • A living stipend to help provide financial support while in school or training
  • Help with connecting to training opportunities
  • A team that will help with 1:1 Career coaching, child development resources, and addressing barriers that arise
  • The cohort of other families that will meet regularly to provide support as you all move through your shared journeys 
  • Help connecting to quality child programing

How to apply: We are no longer accepting applications. 

Email,  or Call 717-333-1918 for more information. 



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