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CAP has been providing services to economically disadvantaged individuals and families across Lancaster County, PA for more than 50 years.

Local community leaders who founded CAP of Lancaster County were part of the larger national consensus that held that:

  1. Poverty was unacceptable
  2. Poverty could and should be eradicated

As an integral part of the 1964 Economic Opportunity Act, Community Action Agencies emerged across the nation with the purpose of eliminating poverty in local communities. Each agency has been designed to meet the specific needs related to poverty within the community it serves.

In 2015, CAP underwent an internal re-structure aimed at breaking down silos and expanding internal connectivity, which resulted in the creation of four teams: Education & Child Development, Health & Nutrition, Household Stability and Safety & Empowerment. These teams work collaboratively to make sure each CAP customer is connected to the most beneficial services for their unique needs.