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ExtraOrdinary Give


The Extraordinary Give is Lancaster’s community-wide celebration of generosity!

Join us on Friday, November 19, 2021, for an EXTRAORINDARY impactful day.

About the Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County 

The Community Action Partnership is Lancaster County’s largest anti-poverty organization, helping low-income families move toward self-sufficiency. CAP’s service profile interrupts inter-generational poverty with programs that support families and individuals at every age and place in life, in the areas of education and child development, health and nutrition, household stability and safety and empowerment. For more information, visit

ExtraOrdinary Thanks!

Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other. In this season of giving, gratitude, and thankfulness, share with the world what you’re Thankful for!

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Your Impact

For a minimum donation of $10, you will be able to support the individuals and families CAP serves! Find out what your donation can do here.

A gift of ANY size can help fight poverty in Lancaster County!

Crispus Attucks Community Center (CACC)

  • For just $10  you can help support new programming to empower youth of color in our community
  • $25 sponsors one child in the Infamous Unstoppables Drill Team
  • $50 provides a week of meals to a family through the CACC Food Pantry
  • $100 will provide opportunities for remodeling and maintaining a safe and friendly youth center

Domestic Violence Services (DVS)

  • For just $10 will provide a meal for a family in the Safe House
  • $25 will provide a backpack filled with school supplies and welcoming items for a child entering the Safe House
  • $25 will provide a “welcome basket” for an adult Safe House resident
  • $50 will buy sheets, towels, and personal care products for a family of four in the Safe House
  • $100 will provide a night of hotel shelter plus meals for a family during COVID.

Lancaster County Reentry Coalition:

  • For just $10 can provide hats, scarves, and gloves, an all-day bus pass
  • $25 will help 1 individual obtain a copy of their birth certificate. This is needed to obtain their social security card and some other services.
  • $35 will help 1 individual obtain their social security card or photo ID
  • $50 can buy sheets, towels, and personal care products for a family of four in the Safe House
  • $500-$600 will help cover an individual’s rent for 1 month for a recovery house or a transitional house as they begin their transition back to their communities. This provides stability so that they can focus on connecting to the resources they need to successfully reenter.


  • For just $10 helps with transportation (bus pass, uber); One meal; Minutes for a phone; Gas; Cleaning supplies; Feminine Care Products; personal hygiene items
  • $50 helps with back to school clothes; baby items, diapers, formula, utilities, school supplies, laundry (wash and supplies); pet items, Teen parent – childcare copay for 2 months. License/State ID; permit; Utility bills, Work attire, shoes
  • $100 helps with rent; car insurance, daycare co-pays, medicine, phones; 1 week for groceries; utility bills
  • $500 helps with Security Deposit; rent; training electronics-computers; 2 utility bills; car maintenance

Parents as Teachers (PAT)

  • For just $10– RRTA all-day bus pass to enable a family to attend a well-child visit, WIC appt and/or job training.
  • $25-Supplies for 3 families to attend a virtual group connection.
  • $50– Quality children books for 10 families
  • $75- Supplies for a STEM group connection event for 15 families.
  • $100– Kindergarten readiness supplies for 5 families
  • $500– The annual PAT renewal subscription fees for 2 Family Development Specialists
    • OR- Group Connection Event for 30 families
    • OR – Raising a Think Child Workshop supplies for 6 families