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Jackson Polite Ford Leadership Institute

The Jackson, Polite, Ford Leadership Institute seeks to foster critical thinking skills and build a community of like-minded youth committed to leadership development, social activism, and justice. Participants will cultivate a deep sense of purpose through community empowerment and re-centering. Identify and enhance civic participation while working towards academic success.

This program is an 8-week intensive Leadership Institute geared for high-school aged youth that centers social justice activism, leadership development and cultivates intellectual and personal growth.

The JPF Youth Leadership Institute is named after Hazel Jackson, Nelson Polite, Sr., and Ron Ford who all made significant strides and marks throughout Lancaster County.

Hazel Jackson was the first African American to teach for the School District of Lancaster, and the first African American professor at Millersville University. Nelson Polite, Sr. was the first African American city council member in Lancaster, Pennsylvania who made significant contributions to Lancaster County. Mr. Ron Ford was the first African American to run for mayor in Lancaster City, served on city council and the first and only African American to serve as County Commissioner.

All were civil rights leaders and champions for a more prosperous and thriving Lancaster for all, with a specific mission uplift and empower African Americans in Lancaster.

The JPF Leadership Institute is designed to strengthen, empower and equip youth to be agents of change and to promote ethical leadership and activism models for youth to make an impact in their lives, community and society as a whole.

Jackson, Polite, Ford Leadership Institute

October 26 – December 7, 2019

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Program Date: Saturday, October 26 to Saturday December 7, 2019

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