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Parents as Teachers

“He did more than what she asked of him and she told me that he is intelligent and I should be proud of myself and I went back at her and said yea I helped but Parents and Teachers was who really made him who he is today.” – Parents as Teachers program participant

“She gives her children opportunities to learn new things and to make choices. She reads to and with them often and asks open-ended questions. She is now willing to volunteer knowing that she has something valuable to offer!” – Parents as Teachers staff

“The classes gave them focus and determination to know what they wanted and to follow through, all the way to homeownership.” – Parents as Teachers staff

Outreach/Utility Asst.

“She transitioned to bridge housing and was finally able to financially afford to move into one of the bridge housing apartments.” – Outreach staff

“Anna has established an active PPL account. She now has the ability to reduce her debt with an affordable payment with PPL which will assist her credit rating moving forward.” – Outreach staff


“Though she found the WIC food vouchers helpful, she made a point to tell the nutritionist she was really going to miss the nutrition education that’s part of every visit. Before leaving the program, Virginia gratefully told the nutritionist, “WIC has helped me raise my son.” – WIC staff

“It’s been a family goal of theirs to reach this point of financial stability, and getting “booted off the WIC program” is evidence that they’ve accomplished this. “My husband would not have been able to get his bachelor’s degree if it weren’t for WIC.” He recently completed his degree and has secured a great job.” – WIC customer


“Bridge House is the perfect place for her to continue to reach her goals over the next year and to ensure a safe and secure home for her and her family.” – DVS staff

“With the help of CCIS, she found a daycare where her children were happy and safe and provided them with the skills they will need when they are old enough to go to school.” – DVS staff

“Whenever I hear the phrase, “Somebody should do something about it,” I think, “I’m somebody.” – DVS customer

Senior Center

“The Senior Center has given me the social skills that I needed when moving to a new area. I love the people and how diverse of a community there is.” – Shirley, Columbia Senior Center member

Head Start

“Two of my children have benefited from the Head Start program, which gave them an incredible headstart (pun intended) in their education.” – Head Start parent


“Thank you for all the support & kindness you have shown to me over the last two years. If it wasn’t for the support of the RMO I wouldn’t be where I am today.” – Former RMO customer

Child Care

“We have been so happy to have found CAP child care for our daughter! Her teachers are so dedicated and caring and she is thriving in the program!” – Child care parent

“Thank you CAP teachers and staff for a great foundation to education and quality care for my son. Thanks to you, he is ready for Kindergarten.” – Child care parent

Nutrition Education Program

“Being that we are a special education classroom, I was originally hesitant to sign up for the nutrition program as I did not know how my students would react. Not only has Mrs. Eby been great working with our students, the nutrition program has been very beneficial to our special needs students and we hope to continue working with the program in the future.” – School District of Lancaster teacher