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Juneteenth Celebration

Sincerely, Crispus Attucks 

The Crispus Attucks Community Center is proud to debut a video series in honor of Juneteenth that celebrates the connection between trailblazing leaders in Lancaster County, the distinguished community members that are currently following in their footsteps, and the next generation they are inspiring to pursue their dreams.

This project was a collaboration with MAKE/FILMS. MAKE/FILMS is a full-service video production company based in Downtown Lancaster, PA that produces videos for a variety of local, regional, and national clients. Their services include commercials, identity films, scripted films and series, documentaries, and more.


Sincerely, Crispus Attucks – Community

“What is a Leader? A leader is someone who can connect with and inspire those around them to do great things. Some of you may wonder if you have what it takes to be a leader. The answer is YES!” Watch this Sincerely, Crispus Attucks episode featuring Qureem, a Lincoln Middle School student, Josh Hunter, Crispus Attucks Community Center Director, and former Lancaster City Council President Ted Darcus.

Sincerely, Crispus Attucks – Legal


“As young adults, never underestimate the power of your voice to transform. Be your authentic self and use that voice to drive change in your own community. That voice can take many forms such as volunteering, mentoring, writing, public speaking, protesting, politics or donating money and resources, to name a few. Just know that your voice can be the catalyst to positively change your community.” This episode of Sincerely, Crispus Attucks features Timmy, a J.P. McCaskey High School graduate, attorney Kareemah Mayer of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC and Jennifer Craighead Carey, partner at Barley Snyder.

Sincerely, Crispus Attucks – Media

“To quote the black poet Langston Hughes, ‘You’ll be reaching landings and turning corners, and sometimes going in the dark where there ain’t been no light.’ Remember that despite the challenges, don’t be discouraged. Just keep pressing forward to achieve your dreams.” Watch this Sincerely, Crispus Attucks episode featuring Tacura, a J.P. McCaskey High School student, WGAL News 8 Anchor Danielle Woods and retired WGAL News 8 Anchor Ron Martin.

Sincerely, Crispus Attucks – Government

“My advice to you is: do not let negativity turn you into a negative person. Hate only begets hate. Study the real history of the African people. There much that we do not know. Discover your talents and develop those talents to provide opportunity for yourself and your community.” Watch this Sincerely, Crispus Attucks episode featuring Ashley, a J.P. McCaskey High School student, Lancaster City Council President Ismail Smith-Wade-El and Ron Ford, former Lancaster City Council President and former Lancaster County Commissioner.


Matching Donation


In honor of Juneteenth, a generous local donor has pledged to match up to $1,000 in donations this week to Crispus Attucks Community Center in honor of Ruth Patricia Cooper. Ms. Cooper was passionate about the mission of Crispus Attucks, and she and her children were active at the center for many years.

A graduate of Millersville University, she raised her family in Southeast Lancaster City and worked as an art teacher at Lincoln Middle School in the School District of Lancaster. During this matching opportunity, every dollar you donate turns into two dollars, so now is the perfect time to support the important work of Crispus Attucks.



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We do hereby pledge to honor Juneteenth, and its significance to the history of Lancaster County, as a date that marks the true end of the immoral institution of human enslavement in our country. May this commitment to commemoration be just one of many steps we take, together, toward reconciliation for the atrocities of slavery, addressing the persistent systemic racism that still exists as a result, and building a more just and equitable community that will ensure the health, happiness, and prosperity of all Lancastrians, especially Black individuals, who were too long denied their inalienable right to freedom.

My Lancaster

The Demuth Museum “My Lancaster” workshops invite all in the Lancaster community to depict the buildings and structures in the backdrop of their lives, just as the museum’s namesake, Charles Demuth, did in his paintings.

The workshops are free, but advance registration is required. All of them will take place at Crispus Attucks Community Center, 407 Howard Ave., Lancaster.

The topics are as follows:

June 19: “The House That Built Me: Collage and Mixed Media”

  • Time: 1 – 3:30 p.m.
  • Age: Elementary
  • Instructor: Nichole Madonna, PCA&D Center for Creative Exploration

June 23: “Memories Flow: Meaningful Places in Watercolor”

June 26: “Carving Community: Wood Relief Paintings”

  • Time: 9 a.m. – 12 noon
  • Age: Teen and adult
  • Instructor: Matthew Lawrence, School District of Lancaster

Click here to register


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History of Juneteenth



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