In Crisis?

Resilient. Inspired. Strong. Empowered.

From the Resource Liaison providing stability to our Strengths Coach helping to create a plan for a thriving future, we have a comprehensive continuum of services and supports ready to walk alongside individuals and families in the community on their journey to a thriving future.

Services – RISE has three divisions:

Resource Liaison

Resource Liaisons are available to support anyone who has an urgent need and can be connected to a resource. Services of the Resource Liaisons will be determined based on need and are focused around the Social Determinants of Health, connecting people to resources within those areas to equip people and families to overcome short-term barriers that prevent stability.

Strengths Coach

Strengths Coaches focus on supporting all members of a family unit, however defined by the program participant, to overcome the barriers of poverty so they can thrive. A coaching culture builds on the supported individual’s strengths, and we focus on what is working well and build from there, together. Embracing a coaching culture in our organization enables us to be more effective, create a larger impact, and facilitate long-term positive outcomes for the families and communities we serve.

*At this time, we are not accepting referrals to our Strengths Coach Division*

Strategic Community Initiatives

This encompasses initiatives that are community-based that support both the Resource Liaison and Strengths Coach components of our work. 

RISE services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Resource Liaisons: Resource liaisons are available to support anyone who has an urgent need and can be connected to a resource. Other services of the Resource Liaisons will be determined based on need:

  • Strengths Coach
    • 2Gen Initiative