In Crisis?

Food Distribution

The Food Distribution Center acquires and distributes food and fresh produce to local food pantries and feeding programs that serve people who are experiencing food insecurity.

CAP maintains a central warehouse with walk-in coolers and freezers for food storage and distribution to 40 participating organizations.

Last year, the Food Distribution Center provided 588,829 pounds of food to local agencies; 211,457 of it being fresh produce. This food helped to sustain 53,880 households, or approximately 168,193 individuals, in our community!


A drive is a fun, simple way to get your employees engaged with CAP’s mission! Whether you would like to collect needed food, clothing, or other goods, we encourage you to reach out to our team to see what is most needed and helpful. Contact David DeVries at or 717-299-7388 for more information.

Young adult Asian and Hispanic American woman is smiling and looking at camera. She is holding a crate of donated grocery and food items. She's volunteering in a large food bank warehouse. Woman is sorting donated food to distribute to community.

One of the cornerstones of our efforts is our partnership with local pantries throughout Lancaster countyWe understand the vital role these pantries play in serving their communities, and we actively collaborate with them to extend our reach and impact. By working hand in hand with these invaluable partners, we ensure that our resources and support are distributed efficiently and effectively, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity.