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Thrive To Five

As the Head Start provider for Lancaster County, we are committed to providing high-quality learning experiences for infants through Pre-K, ensuring that every child receives the best possible start in life.

Thrive to 5 is a birth-5 aligned program that provides high-quality learning experiences for infants through Pre-K.

Our approach goes beyond traditional early childhood education. We embrace a two-generational model that focuses on supporting both caregivers and children in breaking free from the cycle of poverty. Our program provides children early childhood education, family support services, nutritious meals, and health screenings.  We emphasize language, math, science, art, physical activity, and social skills to prepare children for school success.

Special services are available to ensure that all children can fully participate in the program. Click here to learn more about Thrive to Five Services. 


  • Eligible children must be between birth and 5
  • Homeless children, foster children and families receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) funds for disabilities are eligible regardless of the income guidelines.

Early Head Start/Head Start

Thrive to Five, Early Head Start and Head Start, provides high-quality infant-pre-kindergarten services to children experiencing vulnerable conditions at no cost to families. Children living in families earning up to 100% of poverty, or a family of four earning $26,500 annually, are eligible to apply.

Pre-K Counts

Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts provides high-quality pre-kindergarten services to three- to five-year-olds experiencing vulnerable conditions at no cost to families. Children living in families earning up to 300 percent of poverty, or a family of four earning $78,600 annually, are eligible to apply.

Family Size100%150%300%

Over Income?

Services still may be available. Please call 717.299.7301

Need full childcare?

Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) subsidy accepted. Families can access full-day services at our CAP Early Learning Center, Grace Lutheran Early Learning Center, and CAP Columbia Early Learning Center, which is licensed by the PA Department of Human Services and holds a STAR 4 rating in the Keystone STARS program. To learn more about the ELRC subsidy, click here.

Tuition Assistance Program of Pre-Kindergarten

The Tuition Assistance program is for Pennsylvania residency families and covers a portion of the yearly cost for a high-quality full-time Pre-K program, through the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit). This program is designed to help working families that are on a waiting list or that do not qualify for subsidy through the ELRC (Early Learning Resource Center) but need full-time care. Children must be at least 3 years old to qualify, however, children who are 4 years old and entering Kindergarten the following year are prioritized. Additionally, children must be enrolled in a full-time Pre-K program, and must be attending Monday thru Friday when the center is open, to qualify 

CAP Classroom Locations

Thrive to Five is committed to providing high-quality early childhood education and development opportunities for children from birth to age five. Recognizing that access to early learning is vital for every child, we have established classrooms in various communities across Lancaster County, ensuring that children and families can benefit from our program, no matter where they reside.

Thrive to Five locations

Home-Based Learning

Thrive to Five Home-Based recognizes the invaluable role parents play in their child’s growth and development. By equipping parents with knowledge, skills, and resources, we empower them to become active participants in their child’s education journey. We foster a sense of confidence, competence, and joy in parenting, ensuring that families feel supported and empowered as they navigate the early years of their child’s life.

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