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2 Generation Approaches

Community Action Partnership is proud to announce a new position, Coordinator of 2 Generation Approaches. The coordinator will work to align and integrate two-generation (2 Gen) approaches across CAP programs to ensure we are building family well-being by intentionally and simultaneously working with children and their caregivers together.


Join us in welcoming Megan Leaman-Heinly. She joined our CAP team as the Coordinator of 2 Generation Approaches on Monday, September 21, 2020


“Two-generation practitioners, policymakers, funders, and researchers act on the understanding that if you want to make tomorrow better for children, you have to make it better for their parents, and vice versa.” -Ascend, the Aspen Institute





Whole-family approaches focus on the child and caregiver equally. As you can see in the graphic below from Ascend, child-focused approaches support primarily the child but include services and supports for the parent (early childhood development, parenting skills, family literacy, etc.) and parent-focused approaches support primarily the parent, but include services and supports for the child (child care, workforce programs, food, nutrition, etc.).

In addition, there are 5 key components of a 2 Gen Approach that are outlined in the graphic below:
1.       Postsecondary Education & Employment Pathways
2.       Early childhood Education & Development
3.       Economic Assets
4.       Health & Well-Being
5.       Social Capital

The Community Action Partnership is eager to align and integrate the 2 Gen Approach within many CAP programs in the near future. The first initiative will be working with the Education & Child Development team’s programs and piloting approaches in a workforce development program that will launch in 2021 to support single mothers and their children.

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