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Community Action Month: Interview with Brye Balla

Brye Balla is an Enrollment Specialist with CAP’s early education program, Thrive to Five. He has worked for CAP since August of 2023.

Q: Tell me about what a day at CAP looks like for you.

A: I manage the inbox for the Thrive to Five program, field the inquiries that come in, and the referrals that we receive. I also work with parents and families to help them complete applications for programs and help oversee the enrollment process from start to finish for the kiddos that are coming in! There is an aspect of unpredictability, which I like. There are opportunities to make home visits and to go offsite which I enjoy!

Q: Can you tell me about a specific participant story that comes to mind and has stuck with you?

A: When I first started here, we were working to get me on track with the application process. I had one family that I did the application for and then when they did the final enrollment to get their kiddo into the classroom, I was able to witness it with a family liaison from our program. It was cool to see the life cycle from the very moment where they were interested in the program, to the point where their child was in the classroom for free. That family was experiencing homelessness, and I am not sure where they are now, but the hope is that the services we provide for free can bolster our families to financial freedom!

Q: Why community action? // Why do you work at CAP?

A: I have a background in humanitarian work. I was on the front lines of providing support, and now I have a chance to provide support from an administration standpoint. This work has always been very important to me, it just looks different now. I remember in my interview saying, “If we’re talking about a dream job, CAP seems like the place to be!” I am passionate about connecting people to resources. I love knowing that’s their victory and that I get to help them with that.

May is Community Action Month, which gives agencies across the country the opportunity to build awareness of the important anti-poverty – or as we like to consider it, pro-prosperity – work happening in our communities. What we know to be true is that the resources and services provided at Community Action Partnership of Lancaster are only as strong as the folks who work here, and so for us, celebrating community action means celebrating our amazing team and learning more about their heart for the work. Thank you for reading!