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Community Action Month: Interview with Gail herren

Gail Herren is CAP’s Accounts Payable Manager, and has worked for CAP for nearly 45 years.

Q: Tell me about what a day at CAP looks like for you.

A: As the Accounts Payable Manger my typical day consists of all the activities needed to process CAP’s bills.  From receiving and matching LPO’s, coding invoices and the finale stage of processing payments to vendors.

Q: Can you tell me about a specific participant story that comes to mind and has stuck with you?

A: Being in the Finance Department, I rarely see clients face to face, but I am involved in the behind-the-scenes activities of serving our clients.  For example, I occasionally issue emergency checks for rental assistance to landlords.  This can be for domestic violence victims or serving clients within our multitude of programs. The process can stop my day on a dime to process the payment immediately but, it can also be rewarding knowing that I have just played a part of assisting a client out of a bad situation and into a safe environment or helping a client on their upward journey.

Q: Why community action? // Why do you work at CAP?

A: I have worked almost 45 years at CAP because I find it rewarding to serve our community.  CAP is also very flexible, and they are diligent concerning a good work-life balance.

May is Community Action Month, which gives agencies across the country the opportunity to build awareness of the important anti-poverty – or as we like to consider it, pro-prosperity – work happening in our communities. What we know to be true is that the resources and services provided at Community Action Partnership of Lancaster are only as strong as the folks who work here, and so for us, celebrating community action means celebrating our amazing team and learning more about their heart for the work. Thank you for reading!