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Community Action Month: Interview with Tacey Perry

Tacey Perry is an Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) Coordinator, and has worked at CAP since 2008.

Q: Tell me about what a day at CAP looks like for you.

A:  Every day is different! For our families, childcare is a critical need. If they don’t have childcare, they can’t work. We have many walk-ins, some have missed the deadline to submit documents for continued childcare care, or they are utilizing ELRC for the first time and need guidance on how to choose a provider. Being patient and listening to their stories can help us determine what services or referrals we can provide both inside and outside of CAP.  For me, the best part is hearing the delight and the sigh of relief in our parents’ voices when we call to tell them they have been approved for childcare subsidy. They are so grateful!

Q: Can you tell me about a specific participant story that comes to mind and has stuck with you?

A: There are so, so many. Just recently, we had a client who came in and she was very upset that her childcare subsidy was ending. She was upset because she was unable to get clear answers from ELRC and CAP Childcare. I took the time the time to go downstairs and settle the issue. We were able to reinstate her childcare.

I found out later that she was unemployed. I asked her to forward her resume to me, and she will be coming in to interview for a position within ELRC!  We must think out of the box, it’s not only about the children we serve, but the parents as well.

Q: Why community action/Why do you work at CAP?

A: Before being employed here, I came to CAP to get assistance from LIHEAP. The worker in the utility assistance department encouraged me to apply for a job at CAP.

From a young age, going to our local CAP office with my mother, I always wanted to work in social services.  I can relate to everyone who comes to CAP for our services.  I grew up using these services. I’m a product of Community Action Program which has helped me stay humble and compassionate about serving our community.

May is Community Action Month, which gives agencies across the country the opportunity to build awareness of the important anti-poverty – or as we like to consider it, pro-prosperity – work happening in our communities. What we know to be true is that the resources and services provided at Community Action Partnership of Lancaster are only as strong as the folks who work here, and so for us, celebrating community action means celebrating our amazing team and learning more about their heart for the work. Thank you for reading!