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Domestic Violence Services – Overcoming Obstacles

Marisol** contacted Domestic Violence Services (DVS) of Lancaster County, a program of the Community Action Partnership, via the 24-Hour Hotline; after speaking with a counselor about the dangerousness of her situation, she was brought into the Safe House with her two daughters, ages 10 and 13.

Marisol fled an abusive partner, and years of violence and instability. She had difficulty working due to a physical disability and was prevented from holding a job by her abusive partner, keeping her financially dependent.  At the Safe House, Marisol attended education and support groups and started to open up about her experiences, and also found comfort and support with staff and the other residents.

Marisol had many serious obstacles to finding permanent housing and needed more time and support.  She was excited to hear of an opening at the DVS Bridge House (transitional housing program) and applied.  Once in the program, Marisol talked about the life she wanted for her family, and was grateful for the continuing support she received, including goal-planning.

She obtained part-time employment which led to full time work and opportunities for promotions and pay increases. She worked many second and third shifts, walking over 2 miles back and forth to work. She worked on household budgeting, credit repair, and opened up a personal bank account. She was able to obtain her driver’s license and is preparing to purchase a car. She filed an income tax return for the first time in many years and was able to save her refund for a security deposit on permanent housing.

Finally, after just 13 months at Bridge House, Marisol found an affordable three-bedroom apartment in a neighborhood convenient to her job and her children’s school. She and her daughters have achieved their dream of a safe, secure home free of domestic violence.

**Name(s) have been changed – to protect the identity of the survivor and others affected by the abuse.

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About Domestic Violence Services (DVS) of Lancaster County

Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster County, a program of the Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County, is a catalyst to eliminate domestic violence through direct service, advocacy, and social change.  Over the past forty-three years, 75,593 survivors of abuse have received 379,513 nights of shelter and 572,050 hours of counseling, among other supportive services. DVS hosts regular community education and prevention sessions for many agencies, schools and faith-based organizations. For more information, visit