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Have you heard?
The RMO is now the
Lancaster County Re-Entry Coalition
Despite this name change, the 30+ organizations that make up the Coalition continue to provide crucial services to reentering citizens, including:
  • Successful Returning Citizens mentoring group
  • Support services at Probation & Parole
  • Re-Entry Employment Program
  • Adult education services
  • Strategic planning for countywide re-entry services
For a minimum of $10 you can help provide much needed services to Lancaster’s returning citizens

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Shannon’s Story 
In September of 2014, at the age of 31, Shannon was incarcerated for vehicular homicide. After completing her sentence in October of 2017, she returned home to Millersville but struggled to find her “place.”
“My Public Defender mentioned a meeting in Lancaster city that I may find helpful. I attended the next Wednesday night meeting and the Successful Returning Citizens Group has been in my life since then. Everyone at the meeting was genuinely kind as soon as I introduced myself and have made me feel like family. This group did not only show me Love, but also helped me when I didn’t have the help I needed or people to relate to. Meetings are remarkably full of grace. No judgement or lectures. Just one another listening to each other’s gratitude and struggles. Giving the opportunity to relate on the struggles and barriers we face, trying to reach our goals of employment, housing, recovery, and the emotions that go along with our experience.
I am proud to say I am now employed as Department Head of Shipping and Receiving at a small company. I obtained my own apartment where I can spend all my free time with my daughter.
One quote that I heard in one of the meetings was something along the lines of ‘It takes a community to help a returning citizen become successful.’ After a little over two years home I believe that to be true because without their help and support I don’t believe I could have made it this far. It is a true blessing to have such wonderful people stand behind me and push me towards a better future. To them I am beyond grateful.”